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VIZ Media Europe acquires Black Lagoon EMEA rights

Tuesday, 21 February 2012 16:25

VIZ Media EUROPE / KAZÉ Group is happy to announce the acquisition of the TV, Home Entertainment and Merchandising rights for the “Black Lagoon” license for Europe, Africa and the Middle East.


The series is based on Rei Hiroe’s hit manga series, with over 5 million copies sold in Japan. Originally, “Black Lagoon” was published as a manga in Japan by Shogakukan and has been successfully translated into more than 20 languages: in North America and the United Kingdom by VIZ Media, France by Kaze, Spain by Norma Editorial, Germany by Carlsen Comics, Poland by Waneko, Portugal by Planet Manga, Italy by Panini Comics, etc…


The TV series was directed by Sunao Katabuhi (Mai Mai Miracle), produced by MADHOUSE (Summer Wars, Piano Forest, Monster) and broadcast in Japan between 2006 and 2007.  After the success of the first two seasons (12 episodes per season), it was complemented by a mini-series entitled “Roberta’s Blood Trail” made up of 5 intense direct-to-video episodes.

VIZ MEDIA is now in discussion with broadcasters in EMEA for the full 29 episodes.

In France, KAZÉ will release DVD and Blu-Ray version of the TV series and the OAVs in May 2012.



Rokurō Okajima is just an average Japanese salaryman, living an average life. But when he's taken hostage by the crew of the Black Lagoon, Rokurō finds himself thrown headfirst into a deadly world of outlawed heroes, brutal villains, and blazing gunfights. Where he ends up is anyone's guess, but one thing is for certain--he's in for a wild ride!



Sunao Katabuchi was born in 1960. He made his debut in animation with Hayao Miyazaki on “Sherlock Hound” TV series in 1984.

Assistant Director on “Kiki’s Delivery Service”, Katsuhiro Ôtomo’s partner on one segment of “Memories” and Isao Takahata’s partner on the movie “Little Nemo”, he directed his first movie, “Princess Arete” in 2001, the TV series “Black Lagoon” in 2006 and his second movie “Mai Mai Miracle” in 2009.

Sunao Katabuchi has worked with many famous directors and has used his experience to create projects that manage to stand out within the contemporary world of Japanese animation. Although often involving fantasy elements, his work is always rooted in reality with detailed descriptions of daily life and an extraordinary consistency between the staging, the screenplay and the scenery.