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Kazuyoshi Takeuchi, new President of VIZ Media Europe Featured

Friday, 12 May 2017 16:01
VIZ Media Europe is proud to announce that Kazuyoshi Takeuchi, previously President at Shodensha Publishing Co., Ltd. in Tokyo, is appointed as the new President of VIZ Media Europe.

After five years in his function as President of VIZ Media Europe, Hyoe Narita has passed the torch on to Kazuyoshi Takeuchi. He was instrumental during the merger of the group that is celebrating its tenth anniversary in 2017, while reinforcing its presence in Europe. Narita has worked on implementing the strategy that allowed VME to gain market shares by launching on the European market animation and manga properties such as Yo-Kai Watch, Doraemon, One Piece, Dragon Ball and Beyblade. He will continue to provide services to the VME group as Executive Advisor.

Kazuyoshi Takeuchi has been appointed as his successor and will assume the role of President of VIZ Media Europe. He will be responsible for managing the day-to-day operations in Europe. Takeuchi has dedicated his career to publishing in Japan: hired by Shodensha in 1974, he worked his way up to be finally appointed as President in 2002. With this wealth of experience and his passion for cultural exchanges, Takeuchi intends to bring strong support to VIZ Media Europe in the coming years.

"I’m very excited to join VIZ Media Europe Group and work alongside the Japanese Manga and Animation professionals in Europe. I would like to thank Hyoe Narita for his precious contribution in maintaining VIZ Media Europe’s strong leadership position. I look forward to leading the Group into its next phase of success." Kazuyoshi Takeuchi

This change will strengthen not only VIZ Media Europe Group, but also Hitotsubashi Group’s international strategy towards the next decade.

About Kazuyoshi Takeuchi
Born in Hiroshima, Kazuyoshi Takeuchi graduated in Social Sciences from Hitotsubashi University in Japan. In 1974, he joined Shodensha, a company that publishes non-fiction, "light novels", mangas and magazines (Feel Young, Zipper, Nina’s), where he was administrative and financial director, sales, marketing and publishing licensing director, to be finally appointed as president in 2002. Since 2015, he has been an advisor for Shodensha Publishing Co., Ltd. – Hitotsubashi Management Group. As PACE (Publishers’ Association for Cultural Exchange) Chairman, he greatly contributed to the cultural exchanges in the publishing industry. Since 2014, as an editorial writer for France at Shuppan News (a B2B magazine on publishing), he has helped knowledge diffusion on French publishing.